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Global Grid Scale Energy Storage Solved: Three Year Study Shows FM Network Can Remove Need for Peaker Plants and Accelerate Renewable Power

Jan 3, 2019

The results from an ongoing three year study prove that e-Radio’s patented CES 2015 “Technology For a Better World” solution delivers as promised. The study, involving eight utilities led by Bonneville Power Authority and Portland General Electric, demonstrates that smart water heaters (WHs) can eliminate a major barrier to alternative energy growth while reducing the need for the majority of inefficient (mostly dormant) peaker plants at a cost a fraction of other energy storage devices. The study included a significant population of heat pump WHs (approx. 375W when on) and conventional resistive WHs (approx. 4500W when on). e-Radio’s patented cost effective technology, used exclusively in the program, demonstrated how it’s easy to install and low intrusion features resulted in a positive customer experience with over 94% of participants responding that they would enroll in a permanent program. The multi-year study further showed that e-Radio’s patented technology can help US (West Coast) utilities satisfy their customers’ overwhelming support for renewable energy as a source they EXPECT utilities to provide.

For historical archived information, go to the BPA site at: https://www.bpa.gov/EE/Technology/EE-emerging-technologies/Projects-Reports-Archives/Field-Tests/Pages/Smart-Water-Heater-Pilot.aspx

Read about our CES 2015 award at: http://www.e-radioinc.com/news/2015-ces-innovation-awards-honoree

This BPA project is also receiving press attention at the following news outlets: https://www.routefifty.com/smart-cities/2018/12/water-heaters-power-grid-storage/153391/ and https://www.publicpower.org/periodical/article/bpa-report-details-potential-water-heaters-dr-tools