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e-Radio Adds a DC Form Factor UCM to its CEA-2045 Device Roster

January 14, 2014

e-Radio ANSI/CEA-2045 DC Form UCM image

In December 2012, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) introduced a new standard for consumer appliances with a goal of improving grid reliability and efficiency. This is accomplished by adding intelligence to devices in the form of real time information on changing electrical grid conditions and energy prices, allowing appliances to optimize when they use power and operate more efficiently.

This standard, ANSI/CEA-2045, provides a modular communications interface (MCI) enabling any product to connect to any type of demand response or demand optimization system. By encouraging manufacturers to build an MCI interface into their products that can accept a simple communications module, consumers and program managers are then free to select whatever communications solution works best for their particular environment.

The Advantages of e-Radio's solution:

  • e-Radio's DR technology enables consumer plug and play with virtually no installation steps: It just powers up, self-configures and is ready to receive information -- no truck roll is required.
  • It preserves privacy and leverages nation wide EXISTING infrastructure to speed up deployment NOW. Many in the industry acknowledge that they know of no other method as cost-effective and fast to deploy as this.
  • e-Radio's communications network covers over 95% of the US population right now with robust, redundant coverage that works well within any structure.
  • We and industry experts believe that the simplicity, proven performance and superior value of e-Radio's technology is the leading solution to address the consumer market for demand optimization avoiding potential privacy, medical, safety, interconnection and cost issues that challenge other offerings.

The e-Radio CEA-2045 DC Form Factor UCM:

  • DC form factor currently in DOE TRL-5 and available for lab/limited field tests
  • Planned DOE TRL-6 (UL and FCC certified) DC form factor module for field demonstration.
  • Large scale production of DC upon field tests
  • e-Radio is working with broadcast, utility and device OEM partners to take this important step forward

e-Radio FM solves the challenge of optimizing consumer electricity demand by providing cost efficient, consumer friendly, secure, privacy-assured and self-configuring solutions. Turn it on and start using the e-Radio solution.

For more information contact e-Radio at admin@e-radioinc.com