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e-Radio UMC technology recognized on the Global RDS Forum

February 21, 2017

e-Radio is a member of the Global RDS Forum, a non-profit international professional industry association based in Geneva, with the objective of co-ordinating the advancement of FM RDS technology standards and promoting their use in global markets. Previously, in California, the prestigious Berkeley National Laboratory delivered a major study, LBNL 2742E, to the California State energy agencies reporting that it is possible to use Radio Data System communications technology to broadcast system alerts to the mass market in support of dynamic rates, demand response programs, and utility service messages – even in the event of a power outage. In its Conclusions and Recommendations (page 67 of Ref 5 from the study), the Berkeley paper states: “We found the Summer Solutions research pilot to be a three-way win, benefiting SMUD, pilot participants, and society in general. SMUD benefited by receiving 20% peak load reductions on event days, participants benefited from 20% to 30% lower bills, and society benefited from the 20% energy-efficiency savings.”


e-Radio’s RDS-UMC (Utility Message Channel) technology offers a proven reliable platform to enable FM terrestrial broadcast to play a significant role in global energy efficiency by facilitating grid load balance and overall efficiency, especially renewable generation integration.

An example of a multi-state, multi-utility deployment of our RDS-UMC technology in action can be found at http://www.kink.fm/energy. This link contains a recording of an on-air public service announcement (PSA) that KINK-FM aired in January 2017.

More information on the Portland, Oregon, pilot along with background information can be found at http://www.e-radioinc.com/news/kink-energyefficiency