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e-Radio Co-Authors Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) Blog Post on Broadcast Communications

August 22, 2019

Jackson Wang, e-Radio CEO, and long-time participant in radio standards development and smart grid industry forums, worked closely with Andrew Kotter, Senior Manager, Technical Services, SEPA, to produce an article describing the benefits of broadcast communications for informing devices and users. The article, in the form of a post on the SEPA blog, provides an overview of one-way and broadcast networks before diving into two examples of applications related to electrical utilities.

Andrew and Jackson also cover some of the application requirements for using broadcast technology and highlight its many strengths. One-way broadcast communication is inherently more secure than any two-way network, since it requires orders of magnitude fewer points of entry and fewer nodes to transmit messages to their final destination.

Of critical importance, the e-Radio based architecture could be made so the utility connection to broadcast only talks but does not listen and the end device only listens but does not talk, thereby preserving privacy and security for both.

In addition, FM radio could unlock currently unreachable classes of devices from TVs to toasters using an inexpensive ubiquitous receiver chip. This chip requires no setup and is fully operational when the device is plugged in. It is a simple and elegant way to help always-on electronics reduce power en masse when the grid is over stressed.

See the full blog post here: https://sepapower.org/knowledge/dont-forget-about-radio-leveraging-one-way-communications-to-inform-devices-and-users/